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Small Water Cooled Fan Humidification

Small Water Cooled Fan Humidification

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Electrical outlet

Product information:

Power supply mode: DC
Wind speed range: 3rd gear
Operation mode: remote control
Color: White
Number of fan blades: 5 pieces
Material: Plastic
Size: 298 * 188 * 158mm

Functional features:

Three-speed wind speed regulation;
Third gear timing function: 2-4-8H;
Spray high, low/natural wind mode is optional;
Multi-mode atmosphere light, optional on/off;
Ultrasonic fog atomizer, air outlet integral spray technology;
Upper ice tank + lower water tank double body structure;
Air inlet frame detachable design, convenient internal cleaning;
Using the whole body waterproof anti-blocking DC 12V silent motor;
Compact body, easy to carry and move;
Remote control with infrared

Main technical parameters:
Rated voltage: DC 24V 1A
Input power: Nominal power: 20W
Maximum wind speed: ≥ 3.6m /s, test conditions: under rated voltage and frequency, 0 ~ 10cm away from the outlet: Use an anemometer to test the maximum dry air speed (m/s) at high, medium and low levels of the instrument.
Maximum capacity of water tank: 1500ml (about 500ml for the upper ice tank, about 1000ml for the lower water tank), rated evaporation capacity: 260ml/h±30%.
Noise: ≤55dB (noise power level) Standard value: ≤55dB, test conditions: When the appliance is at rated voltage frequency and each gear, the test distance is 1m to measure the noise of each point: the noise should not exceed the specified value.
Maximum air supply distance: about 3.6m (subject to blowing A4 paper, for reference only).
Total length of power cable: 1800mm.

Packing list:

Fan * 1 power cord * 1 remote control * 1 manual * 1

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